Casino Royale
007 and friends get it on at Coppermill Lane

Beautiful Bond Girls

More beautiful Bond Girls


Even more than Paramount Studios !

   But be carefull,  any one of them could be  a cheating lying backstabbing member of the KGB,   and you would never have a clue.


Simon's makeup was so realistic that one young lady thought it was real and tried not to stare at him all night  !!!  (Name with-held to prevent embarrasment)






If Bond was a rugby player he would probably have looked like one of these.



Is that a gin in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me ?


Russian paratrooper mixing pink gin.

Gerry couldn't resist.

Richie sporting the kilt

Brenda check's out his credentials.....


... and explains why he's a special agent.





Armed combat with Louise

   Louise searching for more booze.

That's all for now folks.


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