Our week in Sorrento

We haven't had many family holidays because Marina and I both visit our parents whenever we can.
At Easter 2002 we decided to make up for lost time and went to Sorrento for a week.

The place was fantastic and a thousand pictures wouldn't do it justice, but the first day,
which was Good Friday, was a particular treat

In Sorrento the whole town turns out at Easter for two spooky torchlight processions .  
Early in the morning they dress in white, and in the evening in black to mourn the death of Jesus.

Despite my well know lack of enthusiasm for religion I found it very moving and it helped me to understand just how efficiently the church developed ways to mislead  people for so long.

Townspeople each carry particular bits of equipment for the crucifixion, hammers, nails, wooden planks, whips, spears, crown of thorns etc.  The right to carry a certain item is passed down families from generation to generation.  Next time I go I'll take a circular saw.

The holiday wasnt all doom and gloom - far from it we had a great time.
Here I am in the main plaza in Naples, followed by Marina and Vlad inside a volcano.

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