New Year 2009

 It was goodbye to George W. Bush and the coldest winter since 1945.
The banks were going bust and even Woolworths was closing down.
But to hell with the credit crunch - we still managed to celebrate New Year. 
It may be a 3000 year old pagan festival  - 
 .......but it's just what you need to chase away all those feelings of economic doom and gloom.

Ella told me it was the best New Years party ever - and I think she was probably right.
The DJ's and musicians were brilliant and the dancing went on right through till it got dark again on NewYears Day. 
The  regular crew got it all set up and all cleared away again - just like they always do . 
There was a really happy vibe - and plenty of banannas to keep your serotonin levels up !

But most important of all it was the people. 
I always say that a party is only as good as the people who turn up, and these were the best.  
(Even those who slept through most of it !)

Thanks everyone for coming - and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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