Marching, on a March,  in March

So,   there I was,  just  glad to be rid of old Holy Joe -  warmongering maniac -  public schoolboy, kiss the pope's arse  - Tony Blair......   and spending my quiet moments dreaming of how I will celebrate when Thatcher finally falls off her broomstick and dies.....   then what do you know,  the two faced,  wishy-washy -  scumbag  - third past the post liberals have jumped into bed with the tory vermin and we all being ruled by a poxy conservative government run by a bunch of millionaires which nobody voted for.  
Whatever happened to that big socialist backlash ?        If you had fallen asleep in 1989 and were just waking up now you could hardly notice much of  a difference, except that Gary Glitter doesn't do his Christmas show for kids anymore and the price of petrol is higher than Canary Wharf !

What the hell we gonna do about this ?  I thought ...  will we have to invade the Falklands again? 
That would be a  bit tricky now they've sold the entire fucking navy to pay for the Royal Wedding !

Then I got the call from Wonderwoman - and there I was, ...on me first proper demo since the miners strike. 

Other people had placards - but I think I had the best bloomin shirt of the day.
Thanks Anne and Tony - but how did you guess ?

King Charles I gave us a bit of support - well he does know a few things about "CUTS"

I am really tickled at people calling it the CON-DEM  Government

Bollocks to the government ?

What's in the balloon ?

The Red Brigades

Great atmosphere - a bit like going to a football match, but without the songs.

H.M. Government official policy ?

Can't be far to the next pub ?

I saw one group of girls carrying banners which said "Sluts not Cuts",  
but sadly I was too much of a gentleman to take a picture.

Police kettling:  This guy was the coolest dude in the world.
How pissed off did those coppers feel ?

Small child enjoys a snigger at the expense of the met !

The Ritz was a bit of a mess so we decided to drink somewhere else.

(You just cant get the service these days - I blame the government)

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