Comrades Rally to support the Party

As Britain groaned and snored beneath the boring tyranny of a totally ineffective government,  albeit a boring, unelected, sad, boring, flabby,  middle-aged, boring, middle-class, Con-Dem,  (did I mention boring) government.  Well anyway,  with all the bored people moaning and groaning (and snoring) it was maybe time for someone to  raise the flag of the workers and bring the people out onto the streets. ...  So let them get on with it -  for us it was New Year - and time to party.

In Scotland we have the tradition that a home will have good luck or bad luck during the year,  depending on the first person who enters your house after 12 O'Clock. This person is called the "First Foot"   because it's the first foot which steps into the home !

Scottish tradition says that the ideal first foot should be a tall dark and handsome stranger.

We have been very lucky over the years,  so I guess it's thankyou to all our friends for being so tall,  dark and handsome !!!!

A big thankyou to Carlos, who took the duty this year -   it's been really good so far Carlos, so thanks for everything !!!

As the New Year comes in the old year must go out !