Bruce's Birthday 2005

The party posse, preparing to go into action.

Here is Richie doing his bit for healthy eating.

He has already got everyone else drunk so now he is force feeding a melon with vodka.

We started with a garden party, which started at 3pm, so of course people started arriving at 6 !

Loads of people brought me plants for the garden - which was pretty well transformed by the end of the weekend.






I want to say a big thankyou to all those people who contributed in so many ways to my very very best birthday ever. To Matri who helped organise the food even though she couldnt be there. To Anne for  organising the great "plant" idea, and to all those who brought plants - yes the garden is now full.

I want to thank Vlad for the speakers and Richie - as always - for being Mr Instant Party Technician, and all those who took a turn on the decks, (Especially Bo was was on there for ages.)

Thanks to Simon for a metre of sausage which kept me and Balazs fed for most of the following week - it was lovely.


Thanks to Balazs, Valerie and Paddy for the photos, and especially to Valerie who did the artwork for the backgrounds on the following pages.

Thanks immensely for the really great presents, and for the time which had gone into some of them (like that book).

But most of all thanks to every one of you for coming along. 

I have said so many times that a party is only as good as the people who come along.

This was a wonderful party !.

I actually dont remember too much though. It was great fun but large  sections of time seemed to whiz by. Just as well we got the pictures.

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