Final Program was a pioneering Scottish minimal synth band formed in Stirling in 1978. They are noteworthy as a pioneering influence in the emergence of minimalist electronica synth music in Scotland.

Formation and Early Years

Formed in Stirling in 1978, the original lineup consisted of Richie Program and Anne Droid who ditched their guitars and went fully electronic when EDP launched the "Wasp" synth. In 1980 the band released the instrumental 7" EP "Protect and Survive",which reached 19 in the Futurist chart the first pressing selling out after plays by legendary DJ John Peel. The single is officially listed as a rare record by "Record Collector" .

The band continued to evolve as Anne left, with Kennie J Young joining as a vocalist, as well as Al Robertson who featured briefly before going on to form "100% Man made Fibre".

Richie and Kennie toured Scotland in the early 80's and produced a 12 track vocal demo album which was circulated as part of the vibrant "Cassette Culture" of the era. Richie Program then joined Sean Kelly and John Sharp of "Those French Girls" , disbanding Final program in 1984 to form "Sean Novak" releasing one 12" single.

Re-emergence 2010-2016

Richie Program relocated to London in the mid 80's to become part of the wider techno music scene. However the minimalist sound continued to be sought after and valued amongst musical cogniscenti and in November 2010 Final Program featured alongside Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and New Order as part of a noteworthy DJ mix and playlist “SSG Special: High-Rise Living 78-86 [Part 1] - compiled by The Black Dog & Regis “ released on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 "The Black Dog" stated: 'Historically, music only really gets interesting when the British get involved and this was a very British musical revolution.'

Another accolade was the inclusion of Final Program Phase One in the Crispy Nuggets mix released on June 8, 2011.

Official Guide to Scottish Minimal/Synth 1979-1983

Also in 2014 Vinyl on Demand included an extensive selection of Final Program material in a massively definitive 8 record set : "Official Guide to Scottish Minimal/Synth 1979-1983" featuring Final Program alongside Alistair Robertson and “100% Man Made Fibre”

Final Program contributed the material for the fourth 12” disc in the set:

Close to the Noise Floor

In 2016 Final Program (Protect and Survive) featured alongside Human League and OMD on "Close to the Noise Floor"  by Cherry Red Records,  an immensely powerful compilation album which may come to be seen as the ultimate definitive collection of nascent UK Electronica.

In the late 1980's Richie program relocated to London, spending some years  as an independeent fashion designer and playing a semi-opaque role in various social and cultural developments including the anti-poll tax movement.  During this period he established himself  as a DJ and promoter under the pseudonym Richie 303,

Richie Program has continued to perform and compose in London  most notably  as  "Helm of Awe",   together with the enigmatic T.J. Anselmus,

(Source:   Future Music)