London 2012 - 'Nazi anthem' played at canoe championship

Mon, 22 Aug 11:16:00 2011

The Germany canoeing team were left 'appalled' after organisers at the Canoe Sprint World Championships in Hungary played the banned 'Nazi anthem' at a medal ceremony.

London 2012 - Germans appalled by gaffe

Anne Knorr and Debora Nich won gold for Germany in the 1000 meters K2 women's final race but after receiving their medals they were shocked to hear the Germany anthem played with the verse "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles / Über alles in der Welt," ("Germany, Germany above all / Above everything in the world,")

The music for the German national anthem was composed in 1797 by Joseph Haydn with lyrics written by Hoffmann von Fallersleben in 1841.

The verse beginning "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" is the first stanza of the piece but was banned in 1952 as those were the lyrics adopted by the Nazis when singing the anthem.

Since then it is the third stanza that has been used which begins "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit / Für das deutsche Vaterland!" (Unity and justice and freedom / For the German fatherland!)

"I ​​am appalled. We cannot accept it," German national coach Rainer Kiessler said in a television interview.

Kiessler added that Hungarian organisers refused to let him verify the anthem before playing it due to a "technical problem."

German forces occupied Hungary during World War II in 1944 after Adolf Hitler discovered the country had engaged in secret peace negotiations with the United States and the United Kingdom, despite having been a member of the Axis powers that fought against the Allies.

Watch how the incident played out below


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  1. has everyone forgotten what the nazi where!!!!!!! and­ how meny people died in ww2,it should never be­ forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From JANICE DIXON, on Mon 22 Aug 5:40PM
  2. Let's hope they don't start world war 3 over­ it.

    From danny, on Mon 22 Aug 5:38PM
  3. The Germans are great people..

    Unfortunately for us­ they are also just as competative.

    ......Well done­ girls.......

    From Nick, on Mon 22 Aug 5:37PM
  4. I really don't think it matters - the girls did­ well and whatever part of the national anthem was­ played doesn't detract from their success.

    From simon, on Mon 22 Aug 5:36PM
  5. Three Cheers ColinP and Thank You WHY LONDON 2012 we­ had nothing to do with this dreadful mistake - (Lord­ Coe please note we cannot afford any such mistake, I am­ sure there is a department responsible for this­ particular section - National Anthems)AS for you­ "avenging angel!" you hide behind a­ nom-du-plume I guess youre one of those­ "Communist; in Britain called Socialists even New­ Labour who put Elf & Safety rules into Britain­ and LOWERED EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS to the point that­ even A Bombay University - FAILED is more valuable than­ STATE (note I said STATE a Tony Blair/Gordon Brown, NEW­ LABOUR TERM) EDUCATION! Chances are the reason you hide­ behind a nom du plume is because you are most likely a­ Champagne Socialist! Franklin

    From franklin, on Mon 22 Aug 5:35PM
  6. God save the queen
    The fascist regime
    They made you­­­ a­­­ moron
    Potential H-bomb

    God save the­ queen
    She­­­­­ ain't no human being
    There is no­ future
    In­­­­­ Engayland's dreaming

    Don't be­ told what­ you­­­­ want
    Don't be told what you­­ need
    There's no­­­­ future, no future,
    No future­­ for you­ morons.......

    everyone know Na)(zi Germany­­ but did­ you ever hear about Anglona)(zi ?

    well­ google­ about it­ you will find interesting info

    From Francis Malone, on Mon 22 Aug 5:33PM
  7. Over 60 million (with some estimates up to 78) people­ died in WW2 from the Nazi's misadventure to rule­ the world for a 1,000 years (more than the entire­ population of the UK). Regardless of who wrote it or­ when this anthem was written, it was embraced by the­ Nazis and will forever represent that country during­ that time. Yes, the German athletes and all Germans­ should be appalled, it is an affront to modern Germany.­ Shame on the Hungarians who played this, which I­ suspect was nothing but a crass joke.

    From Joseph, on Mon 22 Aug 5:31PM
  8. Interesting article. I agree that there is too much­ agressive criticism toward the German people today.­ Most of the Germans that were involved in disgraceful­ activities during the Second World War, are now dead.­ The majority of German people are ashamed of their­ history regarding Hitler, and want to move on and enjoy­ a normal political relationship with the rest of the­ World. The German people know, only too well, that­ there must not be a repeat of the Second World War. I­ believe that, although Hitler should never be­ forgotten, so no person on Earth can repeat what he­ did, we should treat the German people with respect. It­ is not forgiveness but moving on in life. The use of­ the wording at this event was a genuine mistake which­ will be rectified. Please, can we all move on with­ continued common sense?

    From apointofview, on Mon 22 Aug 5:29PM
  9. QUOTE: were run by nazi right now,there called the­ rothchilds­ people wake the hell up...

    I presume from­ this semi-literate rant that you suppose the Rothschild­ family is fascist. The Rothschilds are Jewish in­ origin, you moron. I suggest in stead of telling other­ what to do in such offensive terms, *you* wake the hell­ up and get your facts straight before inflicting your­ opinions on others. Oh and learn to spell. And­ don't give me the 'I've got dyslexia, feel­ sorry for me' nonsense - there are spell checkers­ to help you.

    From Bodmas, on Mon 22 Aug 5:27PM
  10. Nothing too get upset about here it's a nice anthem­ with some great words, about time the few­ sentimentalists in Germany & the rest of the world­ got on with their lives forgeting about the 1930's­ & 1940's, Next.

    From Phillip C, on Mon 22 Aug 5:27PM
  11. It didn't look like the German girls thought there­ was anything wrong with the anthem, they could have­ left the podium if they were appalled. Germany may want­ 2012 moving from London but not to a country with a­ Nazi past please...especially when their athletes lap­ the glory after the nazi version of their anthem is­ played.

    From Khalil, on Mon 22 Aug 5:26PM
  12. What is the difference between -

    " Germany, ­ Germany above all "

    " Britannia­ rules the waves "
    and, indeed, " God­ save the Queen ", with its blatant anti -­ Scottish sentiment.

    Aren't they all one and the­ same thing. They are all representative of blind­ nationalism. Perhaps, Lennon's ' Imagine­ ', in an ideal world, would encapsulate a­ feeling of internationalism, and would provide the­ planet with a unifying anthem of peace, love and­ reconciliation. However, the aggressive ultra-right­ brigade would vehemently deny any deviation from the­ status quo, and, as we all know, the passive left­ would be soundly defeated in any confrontation - ­ physically, anyway, and not in any idealistic sense.

    From WOLFSPEAR, on Mon 22 Aug 5:26PM
  13. but, one thing everyone is failing to realis, in­ Germany today, you face a 6 year holiday, at the states­ expence, for singing the first verse, even owning­ anyuthing nazi, is a spell inside?

    From Amanda Maroulis, on Mon 22 Aug 5:26PM
  14. Also judging by the way they want to tax the UK to help­ their plans to spend,spend and spend some more, I have­ to question the state of their economy, However on a­ saving note with the state of the education system­ under Labour very few people would know their history­ or reckon up the Labour debt

    From Glenda Johns, on Mon 22 Aug 5:25PM
  15. I have to agree with ColinP, just what has this article­ got to do with London 2012? The event was in Hungary,­ not London so it has nothing to do with this country.­ Please get your facts straight before you come out with­ sensationalist headlines - leave them to the­ tabloids!

    From ragingmk, on Mon 22 Aug 5:25PM
  16. were run by nazi right now,there called the rothchilds­ people wake the hell up...

    From Curtis, on Mon 22 Aug 5:20PM
  17. To those who want Hitler/the Nazis back - you're­ morons.

    And for those making the jokes about Germany­ and WWII - gosh, how topical. Is that truly the extent­ of your wit?

    From Bodmas, on Mon 22 Aug 5:19PM
  18. "The Germany canoeing team were left­ appalled" For god sake it was a canoe race they­ won not a master race competition!

    From JV, on Mon 22 Aug 5:18PM
  19. prefer Tommorow Belongs To Me

    From ronald, on Mon 22 Aug 5:18PM
  20. Does anyone realise that a couple of hundred years ago,­ there was a verse in the British National Anthem that­ went along the lines of "rebellious Scots to­ crush". Ouch!
    Is it really going to take a couple­ of hundred years to get over events of the Second World­ War?
    I really hope not. I really hope that we've­ moved past this. We expect others to be forgetful of­ all the atrocities the British have been responsible­ for around the world. Grow up people and if you­ can't forget, the least you should be able to do,­ as a human being, is forgive.
    Most people banging on­ about the war on this thread are forgetting that times­ were different then. If you can't look at the­ bigger picture and only "cherry pick" which­ parts of history that you wish to know, then I feel­ sorry for you and the human race. It seems we are­ doomed never to learn.

    From rebekah, on Mon 22 Aug 5:16PM
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