Why the hell do we do these things ?

From 1989 to 1994 I travelled around Eastern Europe, Russia, Romania and the Baltic States.

I got the chance to spend time with some very beautiful women, all quite different in their own way

Yelena Galkina was a the first Russian girl I met.
This picture was taken in a restraunt owned by the Russian Mafia.
They used it for laundering money and let friends and families eat there for free.

Alla Fokina was a dental surgeon,  very soft and gentle.  She liked to swim in the river near the family dacha. Especially when it was dark.

Anna was a good time girl from Moscow.  
She had been married to a much older man and was keen to make up for lost opportunities.
When she visited me in London she drank Guiness and Cider quicker than I could fetch it from the bar.

Elena Vassileva was a professor of  economics,  who became a successful businesswoman when the communist sytem collapsed.

Genia was a tour guide,  who later came to London and worked with art and antiques.

Svetlana Sherstnova was very very sexy. 
We won a prize for dancing in a moscow nightclub !  I dont think the prize had much to do with me.
She taught me how to say "I love you" in Russian.

Natasha was very sweet and innocent.  She really loved that pendant I gave her.
When she pressed the button the wings flicked open and there was a watch inside.

Angelica Marie Trofin was Romanian,   full of all the joys of life.
We spent some lazy summer weeks in an isolated farmhouse in central Romania

Irena Vukova lived in St Petersburg.  I was with her when I got arrested for having a forged visa.
Sadly that was the last time I went to Russia.

Ludmilla Boeva was an artist, I stayed with her in Moscow. A tiny little woman with a huge personality.
Later she came over to London and stayed for a few months.
We are still in touch 20 years later

They were each quite different in their own way - but they all had certain things in common - they were happy, 
they made me happy, and they were good fun to be with.

So why the fuck did I marry Marina ?