It is my personal belief that organised religion is the main source of evil in the world today. 

Gender discrimination, global terrorism educational inequality,  religious wars,  homophobia,  sexual repression, poverty and the spread of aids are just some of the problems which can be directly traced to religion.

But me getting angry about it wont help.   So lets try to spread the message with a little bit of humour instead.   

Here are  a small collection of motivational posters and other snippets from the web.  

If you find yourself offended please let me know and I will remove you from my Christmas card list.


So....what's the evidence for religion ?

The man himself:



Fighting Back

Student protest placards:  England 2010

Me  - I preferred the Scottish approach

A group of civil servants got themselves into a bit of trouble
 when they produced a memo with suggestions as to what the pope should do while he was here.

This is the actual document

There was even a website set up for the funniest protest signs...

and the best people...

Check it out....

Who will win ?

If you have ten more minutes to spare, I strongly urge you to watch this short film clip - it's great

More funnies

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