Getting Ready to Party

We had some guests for the festive season,

Vince and Helen arrived for a little visit

Adam and  Lalla had a last chance to party before going back home


All in all it was quite a reunion


Adam started to look a bit tired....

...........but still managed to pack the next day.

As 2002 came towards its close Adam and Lalla were flying off to meet 2003

So there we were saying goodbye till the next time


Then they were gone ... and the party started to take shape

The Guests began to arrive....

The DJ's began to do their stuff

And suddenly we had dancing !

The New Year swept in and we partied on.....

Tim on the decks

Pritti and Anna having fun

Liz blending in nicely

Johnnie, James, Pritti and Francis

Pritti still dancing - where does she get the energy from ?

Morning came - sort of.  Paddy was a real star, bringing good luck and good fortune in to the house on New Years Day....

Ask Liz - she was there.

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