Summer 2004

With Richie packing his bags for the "Burning Man" festival  we try to sneak in a summer Barbequeue - despite the unpredictability of the English weather.

Agota was heading back to Hungary
to take up her university Education
where she left off. 

Veronica was visiting as well

  Some new faces.

Friendly encouragement from Dee,

Josie dancing the night away

  Then there were the usual suspects.

Some with beards and some without.

Makes a change from everyone wearing wigs.

Anne's bondage collar was bound to make us all wake up.

Well nearly all of us.

At last morning came.

We still felt fresh.

  So the party continued.

  Back out in the garden.

Spiderman meets Scotsman

  Trudie looking happy.

New friendships were made.

Some people didnt know which way to turn.

  More Spiderman

And even batman

Actually this was quite funny.
These two turned up thinking about renting a room - about four pm on Sunday afternoon.

I had driven to the airport and felt a little bit jaded - but i showed them round anyway.

Later I said to Richie and the crew, hey maybe you guys should have got to know them.

Richie said, well, by then none of us were capable of speaking so it was best to just sit still and wait for them to go away.

(They didnt come back - which is their bad luck not ours)

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