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Keeping your own records

A lot of companies now enable you to keep your family tree  "on-line"   and in many ways this has helped us to do research,   but it can become very expensive - you pay as much as £70 a year which seems OK when you are actually doing research every evening.   Later,   when you have finished the job,   you are still paying the money becasue you dont want your records to get deleted.

Well,   there's a way of keeping the information without paying anything.

First you download and install some free software which enables you to keep the family tree on your own computer.
I got mine from this place:
(ignore any other stuff they try to sell you)

Next you need to transfer all of your research from the online site to your own computer:
Go to your online site and save your tree as a "gedcom"   file.

Now open up your new software and load the "gedcom" file.

That's all there is to it - you now have a perfect copy of all your research which you can keep forever on your own computer for no cost.

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