New Year 2004

The party was great. The unexpected events of the morning after are mentioned at the end.
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The New Years Eve party kicked off in style at 9pm.  Paddy, as ever shy and retiring, was able to renew his acquaintance with Lauren

By 11.55 we were ready to celebrate the UK New Year - but needed to pick a "First Foot" - this is the tradition in Scotland and Northern England where the first visitor of the year is awaited to knock on the door just after 12.00 and bring the New Year in with him. Tradition holds that the year will be lucky if the first foot is a tall dark and handsome stranger. In the last few minutes however I was distracted and at 1 minute to twelve I was bundling Jonnie Sanderson out of the front door, with a bottle of whisky in his hand. Jonnie was perhaps not entirely aware of this tradition and I hadn't much time to explain why he suddenly found himself chucked out in the cold, only to be let in two minutes later - in 2004. Thanks anyway Jonnie !

Dan and Heather start the new year on a good note.

The Mac is back !

OK so we then of course had half an hour of handshaking and well wishing. I had been prepared to say a few words - but didn't have time.

DJ Scott Hardy went on to the decks and kicked off the dance music.

Scot really was superb, no other description does his performance justice, unless we say that he was "The Dog's Bollocks".

He played a three and a half hour set which had virtually everyone at the party giving him standing ovations from the dancefloor. He only finished when he had actually run out of records.

Pritti on the dance floor.

Liz with tickling stick. (No jokes about the Diddy men please)

Paddy decides that Liz is so lovely he just has to eat her all up.

Scott digging up more blinding tunes

Pritti sets a new fashion trend

Scott's massive three and a half hour set has everyone on the floor.

Jonnie taking care of Pritti.

Ruth and Jonnie

Simon steps up to the dance floor.

Cheers Scott !

After three and a half hours the DJ takes a break.

 Everybody loves the DJ

Lauren, Heather and Dan

This is Ruth.

The multi-coloured object at her feet is not a rug.

It is in fact Paddy !

Free chewing gum for anyone who can explain what he's doing there.

Nairn arrived from the pub at 2am - and went to sleep



Pritti admiring Ruth's jazzy tights - but in the background cop the zany tutu and  stripey socks on Liz.

 Jonnie supports Pritti in a discussion.

Liz starts the Newy year as she means to go on, sitting, smiling, smashed with  ciggy....

Say hello to all the poor people who missed the party !


Meanwhile in the kitchen there were lessons in traditional Cambodian temple dancing.........


Looks like they are having fun !


Just chilling

 Liz and Ruth are in the pink


 Hayden, Ruth and Pritti.

It looks like she's refitting him with a spare head.

I suppose that's one way to deal with a hangover.

The party swung along nicely till about the morning. I was really happy that some people we got to know over the past couple of years made their first visit to Audrey Road - I love having people come to the House.


Nairn - you woke up.

  Hamish, the man who gets my vote as cook of the year,
who treated us all to a brilliant meal on Trish's birthday.

Whenever I take pictures
of people stting on this sofa,
I always think of the Simpsons.

Who shall we choose to be Bart ?


Pete and Mac communicating in a secret sign language known only to Scots.

It was developed so that a Scotsman can order the next round of drinks while actually drinking the previous one, thus avoiding any waste of drinking time.

I have to say we had a marvellous night - although sadly the next morning the party came to an abrupt end when one of the neighbouring houses burnt down. That's not a wind up - it really did happen.

I have included the following information which was sent out by email the following day:

Part of my first email of January 2nd - describing the events of the fire.

My second email of January 2nd - explaining what happened to the people who lost their homes.

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