Thankyou to everyone who came to the New Year Party.

I had a wonderful time.
The warmth, the love and the happiness which I felt from you all was magnificent.

No one could ask for better friends, or for a better start to the New Year.

As usual you can click on the pictures to get a larger, better quality copy.

New Years Resolutions ? No..... We dont have any bad habits to give up!

Simon, Xena, Molly and Gill, just waiting for the New Year

Paddy has just found the wine rack

This is Paddy arsing about.

High energy girls kick off the dancing

Those with less energy find a way to dance sitting down.

I dont know how I took this one - any suggestions?

Ruth, Pritti, Hayden and Balint

Seems like we got into the party spirit.

Happy bunnies

Are they joined at the hip those two?

This was Balint's first time at one of our parties - I think he enjoyed it.

Nothing like a quiet night in your own home

Magnus seems to have settled in OK

Ruth calls for help when Pritti's arms become stuck in a dancing position

Looks like Nairn has got his party head on.

A little bit of Anarchy on the dance floor

Anne and Tony both did great sets to keep the music flowing
(Maybe they should get together abit more often)

That shirt looks familiar

Molly and Pritti - a double helping of fun.

No bad habits - we only drink water.

Thinking of the next wind up ?

Rachel and Agota dropped in next day - between two nights of clubbing.

Have a peaceful New Year

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